Please be noted

Training and education are valuable tools that can help you grow and develop your practice. However, before you spend your money on training, make sure you legally are able to perform the procedures. Education, skill and competency—these or similar terms are found throughout rules and regulations that govern medical and nursing practices, and they communicate the uncontroversial idea that a person should have some skill to safely perform a medical procedure on another person. But training and education alone won’t empower you to perform procedures—only a professional license or certification can do that.

This is the case with all professional licensure, from barbers to lawyers to nurses and doctors: Completing courses will give you the important skills you will need in your future profession. But it is the local regulatory board granted license that legally authorises you to offer those professional services to others. Investing in training, education and skill development is crucial to having a successful career in beauty business. But because different regions have different rules on professional scopes of practice, supervision and delegation, it is important to make sure your money is wisely spent. You must be sure that your local licensing boards include the new procedure in your scope of practice, because you also have to understand our business - online training is never refunded. Otherwise it was essentially a free service. We also need to keep the lights on and therefore let us all be reasonable and help each other.