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Professional Hyaluron Pen Academy. We work constantly with medics, the most prominent practitioners, and dermatologists on an international level to bring you the newest, safest, most effective and the best techniques and practices of using the hyaluron pen.


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Hyaluron Pen treatment

Hyaluron Pen treatment is one of the latest trends when it comes to improving the looks of skin. However, as with all such trends in the field of beauty, when it comes to the end result, three things are absolutely required: skills, quality fillers, and professional knowledge. The sad fact is that in the far majority of cases not all of those are represented. Please consider joining the training if you already have all the needed professional licensure.


Hyaluron Pen Academy is a professional Hyaluron Pen education provider in Europe. Trust the original, not copies. Do you have questions? Press here.


Please be noted!

Training and education are valuable tools that can help you grow and develop your practice. However, before you spend your money on training, make sure you legally are able to perform the procedures. Education, skill and competency—these or similar terms are found throughout rules and regulations that govern medical and nursing practices, and they communicate the uncontroversial idea that a person should have some skill to safely perform a medical procedure on another person. But training and education alone won’t empower you to perform procedures—only a professional license or certification can do that.

This is the case with all professional licensure, from barbers to lawyers to nurses and doctors: Completing courses will give you the important skills you will need in your future profession. But it is the local regulatory board granted license that legally authorises you to offer those professional services to others. Investing in training, education and skill development is crucial to having a successful career in beauty business. But because different regions have different rules on professional scopes of practice, supervision and delegation, it is important to make sure your money is wisely spent. You must be sure that your local licensing boards include the new procedure in your scope of practice, because you also have to understand our business - online training is never refunded. Otherwise it was essentially a free service. We also need to keep the lights on and therefore let us all be reasonable and help each other.

Hyaluron Pen Academy can not and does not guarantee in any way that the student will license to provide the service, nor does the Hyaluron Pen Academy guarantee that the student will get insurance in his/her specific location. Getting insurance depends on a wide range of aspects related to student background, insurance history, previous qualifications, experience, etc. It is 100% responsibility of the student to get the information about insurance possibilities before joining the training and Huyaluon Pen Academy will not get involved in that in any way.

Hyaluron Pen Academy does not sell any physical devices or supplies. We can make suggestions regarding product sources, however, everyone is responsible for his/her product chose. Hyaluron Pen Academy does not also give any sort of medical advice - we are a training institution with a great course that explains the anatomy of the skin, different fillers, aging, effects of the hyaluronic acid, etc.